Door Too Wide - the stunning debut album from The Firrenes.

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Door Too Wide is the acclaimed first album from Scottish rock/pop band The Firrenes. (The name rhymes with 'beans'!). It's a heady mix of hard rock, burlesque, pop and art rock - brilliantly engineered by Graeme Young. This unique album belongs in the collection of everyone who can't resist a well-crafted song - arranged and performed with love, artistry, belief and good humour.

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Door Too Wide - original rock album by Scottish band The Firrenes
Hear 'Door Too Wide' - rock/pop album by British band The Firrenes
Buy 'Door Too Wide' - original album by Edinburgh band The Firrenes
The Songs

Video Gallery

Watch 'Everything Solid Melts into Air' by Edinburgh band The Firrenes
Everything Solid Melts Into Air
Hear 'Heart in a Field' - a song about John Heartfield (among other things)
Heart in a Field (for John Heartfield)
Watch the video for 'Door Too Wide', the title track from the Firrenes album
Door Too Wide
Preview the complete album 'Door Too Wide' by Scottish rock band The Firrenes.
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What makes Door Too Wide special?

Proper songs, performed properly



Door Too Wide draws on an eclectic range of influences, including hard rock, burlesque, art rock, country, blues and classical. If you like real instruments and classic, analogue sounds, you're going to love Door Too Wide.

Great players

Every contributor to this record is a highly accomplished musician in their own right. The five members of The Firrenes are joined here by string, brass and woodwind players of the highest calibre - present and former members of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Edinburgh Quartet, Royal Scottish National Orchestra and other leading ensembles. Ricky White, a Scottish pedal steel player now based in the 'States, joins us from his studio in Indiana through the miracle of the Internet.

Memorable songs

From their launch in 2016, The Firrenes (the name rhymes with 'beans') have always been driven by a dedication to the songwriter's craft. Some of the songs on Door Too Wide are political. Some are deeply personal. Some are reflective and soulful with shades of Van Morrison. Some pay a debt to Bowie and art rock. Others are just straight-ahead, in-your-face rockers. If you love a good tune, poetic lyrics, your soundtrack rooted in our world and its people, this record is for you.

Proper songs, performed properly.

A brilliant band!

Rock Sport Radio

Massive thanks to all the radio stations around the world who have given us an airing over the past few years. Your support means the world to us.

Jules, Fiona, Walt, John and Tony

The Firrenes
In terms of where we wanted to go, the stylistic mix and the commitment to the musical idea, The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper was certainly a light that guided us.

Jules Reed

Singer, guitarist and arranger, The Firrenes